Wilkins' Tooth (was Re: Introductions)

Rowland, Jennifer A B jennifer.rowland at imperial.ac.uk
Tue Jun 24 12:28:07 EDT 2003

Charlie wrote:
> She's talked about children being more attentive readers in a 
> couple of places, I think, but the specific question about putting in 
> references to things children probably won't have read is one I asked in 
> the interview for "Exciting and Exacting Wisdom". Don't know if this is
> you were thinking of, but I think it's interesting anyway on the way
> learn (we'd been talking about the references to Burnt Norton in F&H):
> "I think this goes back to what I was saying about giving children
> experience. When they come to read Four Quartets later, if 
> any of them do, it will chime somewhere."

It is an interesting quote, and it sounds true.
What I was thinking of is something like - adults get upset if there's a
situation or a word they don't understand. Children don't, because the world
is full of things they don't undrestand and they want to learn about them.
So writing for children gives you more scope.
Which sounds like a dwj-ish thing to say, but it may have been another
author I'm misremembering.

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