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Tue Jun 24 11:26:17 EDT 2003

Sallyo suggested, in reply to my grembling about Brooks:

>how someone
>> smart enough to have earned the money to *buy* that Magic Kingdom (For
>> Sale/Sold), a wow in Big Business, a self-made billionaire or whatever, is
>> so dumb and stupid that he doesn't even try to find out who in the place
>> on his side and who isn't until about page 135, and blunders around being
>> ignorant and insulting people up to that point.
>Wasn't that the point? That someone bright in the "real world" of corporate
>business wasn't so brillig in the swathy toves of Fantasy?

I don't think it was a point well-made, in that case, because his behaviour
would have been imbecile *wherever* he was, and alliances and knowing who
is likely to stab you in the back are at least as important in Big Business
as in Small Magic Kingdoms.   (Actually, on seeking out my review, I find
that he's a lawyer, but I think the point remains valid: a lawyer who
didn't have an understanding of these facts of life wouldn't have a million
dollars to throw at a dream, he wouldn't have been that successful.)

Besides, he then went on to be perfectly competent again, abruptly and for
no particular reason I could work out.  So he was inconsistent within the

<rummage>  Apparently it is on page 200 out of 345 that he "admits that
maybe he ought to learn a bit about his kingdom before he rushes off in any
more directions.  Like history and geography and politics and who the
leading personalities (the ones he hasn't yet picked fights with) may be
and how they behave"...

I seem to have been particularly struck by some of the dialogue.  The
sample I chose was
   "We must get rid of the dragon."
   "It's never been done."
which when I look at it again fifteen years later is *still* silly....

And I also still find "Twenty years ago was a different time." something of
an obvious remark, really.

Now, for ten points, can anyone tell me why one of the main characters is a
dog?  It seems to have been beyond me when I read the thing.



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