Eddings/High Fantasy (was RE: Wilkins' Tooth (was Re: Introductions))

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Tue Jun 24 09:19:49 EDT 2003

>> There is nothing in DWJ that would really follow from Eddings: epic quest
>> and missing heir, with a map of the whole world at the front and armies of
>> zillions and no commisariat, isn't exactly DWJ style except with her tongue
>> so firmly in her cheek that it is sticking through..
>Ha. Eddings has a commisariat on the side of Good at least... if only to
>give the Sendars something to do.

True, I guess.  I was thinking more of the general Dark Horde business, and
he's certainly not the worst for that.  Tolkien probably is, really: he
never does provide any explanation as to how *anyone* is fed, most of the
time, and both Sauron and Saruman create places where nothing edible could
grow, and then fill them with slave-armies of hungry orcs and half-orcs....

>> I'm assuming this is the Eddings who wrote the Heroic/High Fantasy
>> serieses.
>It was certainly better than Terry Brooks' take on it.

I am still trying to work out (well, when I ever bother to think about the
book at all, which I mostly don't from one year's end to the next, but I
did once have to read it right the way through to review it) how someone
smart enough to have earned the money to *buy* that Magic Kingdom (For
Sale/Sold), a wow in Big Business, a self-made billionaire or whatever, is
so dumb and stupid that he doesn't even try to find out who in the place is
on his side and who isn't until about page 135, and blunders around being
ignorant and insulting people up to that point.  My disbelief wasn't so
much suspended by this person's behaviour as entrenched.


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