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> There is nothing in DWJ that would really follow from Eddings: epic quest
> and missing heir, with a map of the whole world at the front and armies of
> zillions and no commisariat, isn't exactly DWJ style except with her tongue
> so firmly in her cheek that it is sticking through..

Ha. Eddings has a commisariat on the side of Good at least... if only to
give the Sendars something to do.

> I'm assuming this is the Eddings who wrote the Heroic/High Fantasy
> serieses.  His entry in the Fantasy Encyclopedia is almost a list of High
> Fantasy Tropes in smallcapital letters: Ugly Duckling, Hidden Monarch,
> Fantasyland, Companions, Talents, Talisman, Sword, Dark Lord.... This is
> not to knock Eddings, BTW, because what I've read of it I found hilarious,
> but he too was gently mick-taking of that whole genre.  (At least, if he
> wasn't I am very worried about my own warped sense of humour!).  And
> several of the entries in DWJ's TG are relevant to him, I think.  :-)

It was certainly better than Terry Brooks' take on it. Some people
complain that there's no character development in Eddings, which I find
odd, because I like best the stretches where there is nothing much
happening besides what I consider character development. Must be why I
like fantasy school stories best. (Tamora Pierce, anyone?)

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