Ogre (was Re: TotG (was Re: Introductions))

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Tue Jun 24 05:45:55 EDT 2003


>A few bits in a
>few books just don't feel as right to me, though I hadn't thought of
>it in quite this way before.  The Ogre's transformation, for example,
>and I know other people don't respond that way to it.

As I understand it, that was one of the ones that got Edited.  In her
original idea of the book I think the children did actually cause his
death, and were left at the end with the need to cope with having done
something so appalling (and which they hadn't seriously expected to
achieve, or thought through beforehand).  This was too dark and nasty and
wouldn't have been publishable at the time, so it was amended to a happy
ending, which might explain why for you as for me his conversion to a
smiling good-guy who had Meant Well all along doesn't ring entirely true.

I must admit that the ramifications of them killing him make me boggle a
bit.  I can't see how on earth even DWJ could have pulled that one off.
But I can see how she might have wanted to try!


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