TotG (was Re: Introductions)

Charles Butler hannibal at
Mon Jun 23 16:45:34 EDT 2003

> But on the same point, I often find myself doing serious
> teeth-grinding when people trot out the cliche about children being
> so resilient.  It can be used as a refusal to acknowledge the
> capacity of children to suffer as much as adults, IMO.  And there's
> more to TotG's power than simply saying 'I survived this, so anyone
> can', which can be another variant of the same dismissal.

Absolutely - but TotG doesn't (and I hope I didn't) just refer airily to
children's resilience as an excuse for ignoring their experience. On the
contrary, it makes that experience central: it shows exactly how it works,
how it's built up, how it's maintained (or sometimes not). And, whether or
not one knows about the parallels with DWJ's own childhood, it's a book that
_feels_ as if it's written from the inside of that experience too. It's a
book you feel (I feel anyway) can be trusted.

The scariest thing for me is the new HC cover! And that Grey
Thing-to-bandaged foot segue, which I think I mentioned on an earlier post -
wonderfully disconcerting...


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