Super Summer Annual Intros!

Tarja Rainio tarja.rainio at
Mon Jun 23 14:11:06 EDT 2003

Name: Tarja Rainio

Living in: Helsinki, Finland

Age: 33

What I do when not playing here: Study sporadically (I should -finally- get
my Master's thesis done by the end of this year...), work part time,
full-time in the summer. Write occasional reviews for local sf fanzines and
a local publisher.

Married/partnered/?: Nope

Offspring (human): None.

Offspring (other): No. I considered getting a cat for a while, but then I
discovered I'm allergic to cats and dogs :(.

First DWJ/when: Charmed Life in Finnish translation, when I was about 11 or

Favourite DWJ: Hexwood, Tough Guide

Least favourite DWJ: Sudden Wild Magic, but I should probably reread it.

DWJ I've never read: Changeover, The Skiver's Guide, Wilkin's Tooth, The
Four Grannies, Chair Person.

Other authors/books:  McKillip; McKinley; Nix; Megan Whalen Turner; Austen;
Jeanette Winterson; Bujold; Connie Willis; Heyer; Gaiman (mainly for
Sandman); Chabon's Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay; Dunnett's Lymond
Chronicles; The Eyre Affair; P.C. Hodgell; Lee&Miller; Sean Stewart;
Patricia C. Wrede; Martha Wells; LeGuin's Earthsea books etc. etc.

Authors/books I've been introduced to by the list: The Dollmage; The Amazing
Adventures of Kavalier & Clay; Sherwood Smith's Crown & Court Duet

Music: My taste in music is pretty varied from classical (some opera,
Tsaikovski, Mozart, Handel) to swing to soul to rock to pop to techno to
heavy metal to bhangra.

Currently reading: The Book of Dead Days by Marcus Sedgwick to write a
review of it for a publisher.

Books waiting for: The next Bujold. I'm also waiting for the anthology
Irresistable Forces to appear, since it contains a Bujold story set at a
certain wedding, 

Favourite film: Princess Bride, Star Wars trilogy (the original one!),
Singin' in the Rain, Toy Story 1&2, Sliding Doors, Spirited Away, Totoro no
totoro, Fifth Element, . I'm currently strongly addicted to Bollywood films
(Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Dil To Pagal Hai, Company, Asoka, Lagaan etc.).

Favourite tv: Buffy, Angel, Farscape, Gilmore Girls, Alias, CSI, Law & Order
are the ones that come to mind at the moment.


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