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Mon Jun 23 09:24:43 EDT 2003

Charlie wrote:

>However, a few months ago I ordered the Skiver's Guide through my university
>(for professional reasons, you understand - I am writing a book about DWJ
>amongst other people), and they eventually got hold of the Cambridge
>University Library copy. CUL is a notoriously snotty institution at the best
>of times, but this time they outdid themselves. The Skiver's Guide was
>wrapped in a special cardboard cover, tied with ribbons - something I've
>only ever seen before with precious 17thC tomes. It was NOT to be read
>outside the library and NOT to be photocopied lest its precious spine be
>cracked. And of course, once I undid the ribbons out came a perfectly
>ordinary-looking paperback with a cartoon on the cover.
>The library staff cracked up, though the spine remained pristine.

The copy I have available is the Japanese edition for schools.  It has the
most marvellous glossary at the back explaining (in English) various
difficult concepts, for Japanese scholars in their early teens, who
apparently needed to have "skive" glossed, it being a concept they were
unlikely ever to have encountered in their fiendishly hard-working lives!
It's rather wonderful: the English is of the Very Careful And Precise
breed.  :-)


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