Caroline Mills carrie at
Mon Jun 23 08:55:52 EDT 2003

Hi folks.  I've been reading the list archive for a couple of months, 
but have only just signed up.

> Name: Caroline Mills

>  Living in: Somewhere between Cambridge (UK), Bristol and New York for 
the next few months

>  Age: 23
>  What I do when not playing here: I'm a soon-to-be-ex- student.  If 
anyone will emply me, soon-to-be- structural engineer
> Married/partnered/?: Boyfriend (Peter) of four years. we may move in 
together next year if I can find work on the same continent as him.
>  Offspring (human variety): none
>  Offspring (four-legged and winged): none
> First DWJ/when:  Dogsbody, when young.  Properly discovered her from 
this list (!) about a year ago.
> Favourite DWJ; Power of Three, Lives of Christopher Chant
>  Least favourite DWJ - Black Maria, Sudden Wild Magic
>  Other authors/books - To pick a few at random, Bujold, Lee & Miller, 
Elizabeth Peters, Jane Aiken Hodge, Asimov, Carol Berg...`I'm a 
recovering trashy historical romance addict, now tending towards fantasy
> Music: very indiscriminate

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