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Mon Jun 23 07:07:32 EDT 2003

Name: Sallyo. (Sally Odgers)

 Living in: Latrobe.

 Age: 45

What I do when not playing here :   Write books. Assess mss. Tutor writers.
Walk dogs.

Married/partnered/?:  Yes.

 Offspring (human variety): 2.  James (22 year old RAAF techie) Tegan (19)

 Offspring (four-legged and winged): Jack Russells Tess and Ace, cockatoos,
Cracker, Joe, Lou, Pippin, George, Pat and Megapotti. Cat - Rosie

First DWJ/when:  Dogsbody- I think. In my teens.

Favourite DWJ; Fire and Hemlock, Deep Secret, Howl's Moving Castle.

 Least favourite DWJ - Power of Three, Wilkin's Tooth. The Dalemarks.

 Other authors/books -The Perilous Gard, Polymer, The Changeover, Good
Omens, The Ship from Simnel Street etc etc etc..

Music: Mixture - classical, pop/rock

Currently reading: Dialogues of the Dead - Reginald Hill.

Homepage -

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