Super Summer Annual Intros!

deborah deborah at
Sun Jun 22 22:43:10 EDT 2003

Name: deborah

Living in: Arlington, Massachusetts.  In a house.  That's mine.  If you
know what landlords/the rental market around here are like, you
understand my glee.

Age: 29, for a few more weeks,

What I do when not playing here: I was a sys admin (mostly unix) and
release engineer, but I finally became sick of that and quit.  I got
rejected from doctoral programs in English (phooey!) and so now I'm
applying to a Library Science program while I figure out what to do
next. I still love computers, but the industry left me old and bitter.
Except I was already bitter (my vax process name in college was "Bitter?
Me?").  Now I'm spending the summer unemployed, which theoretically give
me time to convert the back-end list software (from majordomo to
mailman, for those who care) which should fix the problem with the
archives.  In theory.

Also reviewing books.  Just reviewed Firebird, the new Firebird
anthology (Hi, Sharyn!  Not telling!) with a new DWJ short in it.  Yay
me!  Also reviewed the new Tamora Pierce. Reviewing fun.  Mmm.

Married/partnered/?: Partner, Allen, 30.  Also two housemates who are
married to each other -- mentioned here because we own the house
together and are therefore effectively family (platonic; not poly).
Allen is the co-admin of so if he ever shows his face be
nice to him.  ;)  He's only read about 3 DWJs, though... Tough Guide,
Dark Lord, and Homeward Bounders.

Offspring (human): None.

Offspring (other): Three cats: Trolley (the kick-ass one); Aditu (the
smart one); Crowley (the fat one).  Also

First DWJ/when: Charmed Life, probably at about 11 or 12.

Favourite DWJ: Depending on mood, Howl's, Homeward Bounders, Archer's
Goon, Power of Three, or Dragon Reserve.

Least favourite DWJ: Maybe Crown of Dalemark, Castle in the Air, or
Sudden Wild Magic.

DWJ I like more than the rest of the list does: Hmm. Power of Three?

DWJ I like less than the rest of the list does: Fire and Hemlock.

DWJ I've never read: Changeover, The Skiver's Guide.

Other authors/books:  Oh, ye gods and little fishes.  I hate these
questions.  Glancing at favorite books on bookshelves... Aiken;
Bellairs; Burnett; Duane (though not as much recently); Niholas Stuart
Gray; Karen Hesse; Monica Hughesl Old McKinley; Mahy; Nix; Pierce;
Pullman; Raskin; Sendak; P.L. Travers; Vivian Vande Velde; Tim
Wynne-Jones; Megan Whelan Turner; Emma Bull; Austen; Jeanette Winterson;
Brust; Bujold; Connie Willis; Maxine Hong Kingston; Virginia Euwer
Wolff; Laurence Yep; Christopher Paul Curtis.. . I'm bored of names.
You get the theme.  Oh, Heyer, of course.

Authors/books I've been introduced to by the list: The Dollmage is the
big one.  Go Melissa.

Music: I recently discovered that my musical taste is covered by
"everyone I like is signed with Rounder" -- that is, lots of folk and
bluegrass, plus the Buffy Musical which I sing constantly, despite my
inability to sing.  Mostly things that might get shelved under "folk",
though they vary from rock, to punk, to bluegrass, to silly: Dar
Williams; Michelle Shocked; Pogues; Steve Earle; Alison Krauss; They
Might Be Giants. That spectrum.  With some classic rock (Who, Beatles,
etc) and lots of 80's New Wave.

Currently reading: Firebird, to finish the review.  Lots of Amy
Unbounded mini-comics, which I found at my comic bookstore -- yay!  I
just read Megan Lindholm's Wizard of the Pigeons last night.

Books waiting for: New comics, as always.  Linda Medley to start writing
Castle Waiting again.  The sequel to Issola.  A new novel by Megan
Whelan Turner.

Favourite film: Princess Bride or Casablanca.

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