Super Summer Annual Intros!

Kyla Tornheim kyla at
Sun Jun 22 13:27:47 EDT 2003

Name: Kyla

Living in: a suburb of Boston, Massachusetts, USA. In the house I grew up
in, too, so I've spent basically my whole life here, minus the time at

Age: 23

What I do when not playing here: I'm a museum assistant at a Victorian
house museum, meaning that I do a bit of everything--give tours, do office
stuff, copyedit things. In my spare time, I'm in three performing
groups--one dance group, one chorus, and one
choral/acting/dancing/storytelling group. I just finished one semester
with *another* chorus, and I discovered that four groups is a bit too

Married/partnered/?: As Rebecca said, nothing formal, but I do have a
sweetie (meaning that I'm less bitter about this question than I was last
year ;^).

Offspring (of any variety): None. I would like a cat, but the one summer
my family cat-sat for some friends, my parents sneezed all the time and my
sister and I got at least one nosebleed a day. I may have grown out of my
allergy, but it seems imprudent to risk it...

First DWJ/when: [hah! this is why keeping e-mail archives is a good idea,
because I looked up my answer from last year.] Probably The Ogre
Downstairs, with Witch's Business and Charmed Life around the same time.
1986, when I was 7; I know it was 1986 because it was before Lives of
Christopher Chant came out.

Favourite DWJ: Hexwood, with Deep Secret as 1.1, really, not 2.

Least favourite DWJ: Probably Dogsbody, as it's the one I have the least
desire to reread. I haven't read it in years. It would have been Aunt
Maria, but the parallels you all drew made it sound more interesting, so
I'll try it again.

DWJ I like more than the rest of the list does: Tale of Time City.
Stealing someone else's answer, but it's one of my favorites, and I do
seem to remember a few people saying they didn't like it very much.

DWJ I like less than the rest of the list does: Urk. Aunt Maria, I guess.
I think I've only read it the once... Oh, or The True State of Affairs, if
we can count short stories. I know Kyra at least loves it, and I just
don't understand it *and* get depressed.

DWJ I've never read: Changeover, The Skiver's Guide, and the books for
young readers.

Other authors/books (limiting myself to SF/fantasy): Oy. Patricia C.
Wrede and early Robin McKinley are really the only *authors*; most of my
favorite books are the only one by the author I really like. The Perilous
Gard, Elizabeth Marie Pope; Invitation to the Game, Monica Hughes. I will
always have a soft spot for Katherine Kurtz's Deryni books and Tamora
Pierce's Tortall books.

Authors/books I've been introduced to by the list: Georgette Heyer, Lois
McMaster Bujold, Garth Nix, Elizabeth Goudge, Sorcery and Cecelia (just
read it yesterday, having finally gotten my hands on a copy. Hooray for
reprintings!), all of which I will count as favorites when I've reread
them at least once.

Music: (this is not so self-explanatory a category, so I'll go with
"favorite") October Project, Bill Staines, Kim Richey, Indigo Girls, The
Corrs. Albums most often grabbed for playing in the car: Live in Dublin,
The Corrs; Become You, Indigo Girls; Room for Squares, John Mayer; Once
More With Feeling, the Buffy cast; the Moulin Rouge soundtrack.

Currently reading: Stone of Farewell, number 2 of Tad Williams's Memory,
Sorrow and Thorn trilogy. I took a day off between books 1 and 2 to read
Sorcery and Cecelia.

Books waiting for: Um, nothing, really. DWJ's the only author I really
wait with bated breath for new books from; everyone else I pick up the new
books when I see that they're available at the library. I've got so many
things on my recommended list that are actually in the library or the
collections of my friends that I never lack for stuff to read.

Favourite film: I'm not good with this question. I think the three
categories below have my favorites.

Movies I can recite practically word for word and have seen many times:
Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves; Willow; Clueless.

Movies I think everyone should see: 12 Angry Men (the original, of course,
not the remake with Jack Lemmon); Singin' in the Rain.

Movies that make me happy: While You Were Sleeping, 10 Things I Hate About

I can't complain, but sometimes I still do.
       --Joe Walsh

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