Charles Butler hannibal at
Sun Jun 22 02:36:16 EDT 2003

Piecemeal second thoughts:

I was a bit niggardly with my favourite DWJs (only mentioned F&H). I hope
it's not too late to add, in the top of the second rank, Archer's Goon,
TotG, Homeward Bounders, Hexwood.

Hmm, two 'sad' ones sandwiched between too ridiculously complex ones - don't
know what that says... though I think the resilience is at least as much a
factor as the sadness in TotG and HB, which makes them uplifting, in a
curious way (like a homemade pantomime fairy?)

On the other hand, I forgot to add Time City as one that, overall, I just
couldn't get on with. And Howl is one I do like, but not as much as I feel I
should (if that makes sense). For a book with so much in it, it's a
curiously slow read.

I see a couple of people put Wilkins' Tooth as their least fave. For what
it's worth, I just read it (for the first time) with my 8-year old son, and
we had a great time with it. Perhaps having an 8-year old at one's side is
useful here, as so often in life.


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