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Sat Jun 21 23:35:13 EDT 2003

Name: Roslyn Kopel Gross, usually called Ros

Living in: Melbourne, Australia

Age: 50

What I do when not playing here: I earn my living doing what's called
"emergency" or "casual and relief" teaching. I also write book
reveiws/articles (mainly for Bruce Gillespie's fanzine "SF Commentary") but
don't usually get paid for it. I get lots of free books, though! I write
short stories  but haven't for a while. And of course I read a lot...

Married/partnered/?: Yes, for 26 years this August.

Offspring (human variety): Two children: Zoe (21) and Josh (18).

Offspring (four-legged): A gentle, affectionate labradoodle called Giles
(the kids named him after the Buffy character).

First DWJ/when: _Charmed Life_ , years ago, probably not long after it was

Favourite DWJ: _Deep Secret, _Fire and Hemlock_ , Howl's Moving Castle_.

Least favourite DWJ: _Dogsbody_ , probably because I read it before we had a
dog. :-) Also, some of her short fiction.

Other authors/books: Jane Austen, Ursula le Guin, Patricia McKillip, Philip
Pullman, Guy Gavriel Kay, Connie Willis, _Curse of Chalion_ by Lois McMaster
Bujold (haven't read anything else by her yet), Garth Nix, Zenna Henderson,
Robin McKinley, Freda Warrington, Caroline Stevermer,
Patricia Wrede, Pamela Dean, Megan Whalen Turner, _The Extraordinary
Adventures of Kavalier and Clay_ by Michael Chabon, some of Jonathan
Carroll, Nancy Atherton, Nina
Kiriki Hoffman, Lynn Flewelling, Martha Wells, Sharon Shinn...

Music: Ralph Vaughn Williams, Rodriguez, especially as performed by John
Williams, Canon in D by Pacelbel, Bach, Mozart, some operas, The Moody
Blues, some of Elton John, Art Garfunkel, some Leonard Cohen,
Enya...whatever moves me and is atmospheric.

Currently reading: _Tales from Earthsea_ by Ursula le Guin.

Books waiting for: _Paladin of Souls_by Bujold, the new Harry Potter,
_Hidden Warrior_ by Lynn Flewelling (sequel to _The Bone Doll's Twin_), _The
Wizard Hunters_ by Martha Wells, _In the Forests of Serre_ by Patricia
McKillip (which is now out but which I can't afford at its present insane
Australian price), _Sunshine_ by Robin McKinley.

Favourite Movie: "Contact" (with Jodie Foster), many of the movie
adaptations of Jane Austen books, "The Fellowship of the Ring", "The People"
(70s adaptation of Zenna Henderson's stories with William Shatner).

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