Super Summer (well winter here!) Annual Intros!

Emma Comerford emmaco at
Sat Jun 21 23:11:51 EDT 2003

Name: Emma Comerford

Living in: Brisbane

Home: Here as well (unlike some of the people on the list with fascinating 

Age: 22, almost's a bit scary that it doesn't seem that long since 
I was writing "almost 21" "almost 22" on earlier intros!

What I do when not playing here: Working as an environmental economist 
after years of study, and loving it, but being tempted by a PhD scholarship 
in the same field...hanging out with firends, watching movies and nature 
and history documentaries...again, nothing especially exciting!

Married/partnered/?: yes, though my long-term boyfriend (after the list's 
discussion on terms and definitions related to "partner" I became very 
confused and now don't know what to use!) and I are temporarily seperated 
by the width of the continent due to our jobs - so, Kylie and Paul and 
other Perthians, I'll soon be visiting your fair city!

Offspring (human variety): no.

Offspring (four-legged): A brown cat, Oliver, who is finding it hard to 
cope with my working full time after years of hanging round the house studying

First DWJ/when: Either LoCC or Tale of Time City at 12-ish (I can't tell as 
I strangely didn't realise these were by the same wuthor for a couple of years)

Favourite DWJ: Following a similar system to Melissa's: Favourites are Fire 
and Hemlock, Deep Secret, Archer's Goon, LoCC, Howl and Homeward Bounders

Least favourite DWJ: Wilkins' tooth and perhaps Dark Lord of Derkholm (I 
love bits but not the whole)

Other authors/books: Lois McMaster Bujold, Connie Willis, Terry Pratchett, 
Charles de Lint, Steven Brust, Megan Whalen Turner, Margaret Mahy, Phillip 
Pullman, Julian May, many many others which I can't remember

Currently reading: Autumn Term, Antonia Forest (after using Kylie's 
excellent suggestion with inter-library loans). Just finished HP5 - wan't 
going to get it but found it was only $23 at K-Mart when I strolled past 

Books waiting for: Sequel to Bone Doll's Twin, Fforde's Well of lost plots, 
new Lindsey Davis and Janet Evanovich (see, four more favourite author's 

Favourite Movie: Umm (mentally rifling through DVD collection), Beauty and 
the Beast, Breakfast at Tiffanys, Clerks, Last of the Mohicans, Emma...lots 
more, once again, that I can't recall right now...

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