Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at
Sat Jun 21 18:00:46 EDT 2003

>Very much enjoyed it, but I'm a certified fan. Dreamy, fairy-tale like,
>less opaque than _Ombria_ or _Stony Wood_. Usual McKillp
>sub-themes of knowing your heart, mysterious knowledge,
>acceptance of magics, and roads to darkness. Needs (as most
>recent McKillips do) a re-read to make sense of it all, but there's
>so much else on the reading list that I don't know when I'll fit
>that in. Oh, and prose and imagery as per usual, ie dead good.
>For me, McKillip is on the "buy in hardback" list (along with Pterry,
>Brust, & Bujold). Your preferred-measure-of-distance may vary.

Thanks for the feedback, Chris, it does sound good.  (And thanks for 
spelling the final sentence out - don't think I'd have figured out 
YPMoDMV that quickly. :) )

Right, so to fill in the books being waited for space: _The Wizard 
Hunters_, _The Well of Lost Plots_, _Tales from Earthsea_ in pb 
<waves to lurking friend who's also trying to wait for this one>, the 
new Bujold, _In the Forest of Serre_ (may have to wait for pb too), 
the 9th Stephanie Plum, and Charlie's _The Fetch of Mardy Watt_.  And 
something new by Emma Bull.


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