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Fri Jun 20 17:57:30 EDT 2003

In reply to Hallie:

Name: Minnow

Living in: Bristol, England

Age: 47

What I do when not playing here :   "Mature" student until yesterday, when
I got the degree in English at Bristol University (a 2.1).  Loose-ending
for the summer, then an M.A. also at Bristol, starting in October.  But I
may get a reading-list from them, if I can, just to keep me busy and hone
my OE and ME translation/conversation.

Married/partnered/?:  Yes, and yes.

Offspring (human variety): 3.  Kenneth, 22, Rachel, 18, Rowan, 14.

Offspring (four-legged): none

First DWJ/when: I honestly cannot remember.  Too long ago.

Favourite DWJ (Why am I doing this to myself?!): whichever I read most
recently, unless it was Changeover.

Least favourite DWJ (Why not?  We've had interesting discussions
about the ones we don't like too.) Changeover

Other authors/books (this is the ones in the bookshelf in my room, as
opposed to in other rooms of the house where I can't get to them
immediately at any hour of the day or night): Heinlein, Toni Morrison, Tom
Holt, Saki, Octavia Butler, Lois McMaster Bujold, Kipling, Dick Francis,
Georgette Heyer, Eric Frank Russell, Zenna Henderson, Mary O'Hara, Wu
Ch'eng En, Brian Vickers, Josephine Tey, Peter O'Donnell, Rosemary
Sutcliff, Neil Gaiman, Dodie Smith, Angela Thirkell, Anthony Trollope,
Spider Robinson, Elizabeth Goudge, James Stephens, Leslie Charteris, Joan
Grant, T.H. White, ...

Music: Music.  If it has a tune and the musicians are in tune, then I'll
listen; if it has words I want to be able to hear them; I prefer the
Western tonalities, but I'll give other stuff a go because it is

Currently reading: Bruce Sterling, *Distraction*, Georgette Heyer, *An
Infamous Army*, Sir Thomas Malory, *Le Morte Darthur* (Helen Cooper's
edition of the Winchester Manuscript), Ambrose Bierce, *The Devil's
Dictionary*.  Each in a different room, mostly.


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