Super Summer Annual Intros!

Ven vendersleighc at
Fri Jun 20 17:51:39 EDT 2003

Name: Ven

Gender (since people can't tell from my name):   

Living in: Sheffield S Yorks

From: Aldershot, Hampshire in the warm South

Age: 46 

What I do when not playing here: I like to say
I'm a mendicant scholar, what that means is that
I'm on the sick with a shitty chronic illness and
I read a lot when I can't garden or go swimming.

Married/partnered/: Nope

Offspring (four-legged): Three cats, 5 yr old
brother and sister, Vespa and Camberwell,and the
incomparable Throgmortenesque Alex who will be
fifteen tomorrow. Alas I have just realised poor
old Alex is getting rather deaf but he's
otherwise in excellent nick. 

First DWJ/when:  Eight Days of Luke, 1979

Favourite DWJ Oooh what did I say last time? This
year I'll go for Time of the Ghost

Least favourite DWJ: I just don't get on with
Time City. The most harrowing for me is The
Homeward Bounders, issues of exile you see, and
hence the least reread.

Other authors/books:

Long term faves: Dwj of course, Samuel R Delany,
John Crowley, Steven Brust, Terry Pratchett, Tim
Powers, Charles Dickens  

Current raves: Martha Wells, George RR Martin,
Robin Hobb

Currently reading: Midnight for Charlie Bone by
Jenny Nimmo, good stuff reminiscent of Margaret
Mahy in thre sinister family plot. I bought it
yesterday along with Cornelia Funke at s Thief Lord,
two quid the pair, what a bargain!


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