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Fri Jun 20 13:28:55 EDT 2003

I'm sick and exhausted and lurking not only from this list, but from all
lists and from reading as well.  You know things are bad when you can't bear
the sight or thought of a book...too much else to do, plus the computer was
infected with some nasty viruses and crashed mortally.  I've been reminded
that I should be grateful that the important data are on a separate drive.
Anyway, I feel sorry for myself.  So there.

Name: Melissa Proffitt, aka I Am A Genius And Allways Right

Living in: The purgatory of West Valley, Utah, a sort-of suburb of Salt Lake
City.  It's a desert.  We're in a drought.
Age: 31
What I do when not playing here : Homeschool two children, ride herd on two
others, miscellaneous church and social activities, role-playing, ignoring
my scrapbooking responsibilities.  I'm currently working on a curriculum for
my mother-in-law, who just got a job at a charter school teaching English
and History/Geography to 7th graders.
Married/partnered/?:  Married to fellow list member/DWJ addict Jacob for 11
Offspring (human variety):  Four.  No, I'm not having any more, thanks.
Yes, I do get asked that question.  I live in *Utah.*
Offspring (four-legged):  10 years ago I gave birth to a charming orange
tabby, a female...well, she believes I'm her mother; she was a runt and a
foundling young enough to try to suckle on my earlobe.  She's not a runt any
more but she doesn't know that.  Oof.
First DWJ/when:  Uh...either Power of Three or Cart and Cwidder when I was
twelve or thirteen.  I read them both but did not have the native
intelligence to seek out more DWJ books at the time, so I don't remember.
Technically, the *real* first one was Howl's Moving Castle at age 17.
Favourite DWJ:  I don't have a favorite; I have a first-rank list and a
second-rank list.  But near the top are Archer's Goon, Fire and Hemlock,
Howl, Time of the Ghost, and Hexwood.  The Ogre Downstairs just got promoted
last summer.
Least favourite DWJ:  Near the bottom of my second-rank list is probably A
Sudden Wild Magic.  I can't warm to any of the characters, and I know there
are good reasons for that, but it doesn't make me like the book any better.
Though it does have some good stuff in it.

Other authors/books: Pratchett, Bujold, Willis, Heyer, Brust.  Also very
fond of Martha Wells, Helen Fielding, Rumer Godden, Tad Williams, Patricia
McKillip, most of Robin McKinley, Wendelin Van Draanen, Megan Whalen Turner,
Kristen D. Randle, Arthur Ransome, P.C.Hodgell, Garth Nix, Jim Butcher, Glen
Cook, Zenna Henderson, Thomas Hardy, Michael Chabon (My Hero), Alan Moore,
Jan Karon, and that pearl of perfection, Jane Austen.

Music:  Very little.  I love the soundtrack to O Brother, Where Art Thou?
and almost everything Weird Al has ever done; I love the Christopher Franke
(is that his name?) music from the end of the Buffy CD; I like '80s pop and
"If I Had $1,000,000."  And probably other stuff too.

Currently reading:  Not.  I did read Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry for the
first time (part of the curriculum project) and it pissed me off, which I
imagine is the point.

Anticipated books:  I wasn't going to buy HP5 in hardcover.  The advertising
wore me down (plus the knowledge that we were going to need it for longer
than the library's allotted three weeks).  I also ordered Kristen Randle's
new book, Slumming (which is going to be amazing: think Neil LaBute's "The
Shape of Things" only not psychotic), and my very own copy of League of
Extraordinary Gentlemen.  I'm looking forward to Lord of Castle Black and
Wizard of Ile-Rien...I swear I saw that on a table at Barnes & Noble, but
I'm too poor now.  I did get Garner's The Owl Service, my favorite by him,
from a friend who has duplicates of practically everything.  Oh, and I've
been buying spares of The Eyre Affair from the public library for my reading
group, which reminds me that I am looking forward to Lost in a Good Book.
There are also a few books that are already out, and what I'm looking
forward to is another month's book budget: The Ladies' Auxiliary by Tova
Mirvis, collecting Sharan Newman's historical mystery series, that sort of

What I'm truly looking forward to is a DVD release of Joss Whedon's series
"Firefly."  It died an inglorious, unnecessary death; it was my favorite
television show in a long time; I am still angry that it's gone.  My British
friends will have the opportunity to see it soon, including episodes that
never aired here.

Melissa Proffitt

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