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  I love Kay. Especially "The Lions of Al-Rassan" and "The Finoavar Tapestry". I spend a couple of hours at "Bright Weavings" every couple months or so when I get the urge for more things Kay.

  I think my favourite is "The Fionavar Tapestry" but I do love all of them. "Tigana" absolutely blew my socks off--it seemed to reach down to such a deep level in me.

  Can't wait for his next one, whatever that may be. I still haven't been able to track down a copy of his new book of poetry. I haven't tried ("Candian" bookseller) yet, but I'll be reduced to that soon.

  I haven't seen that here either yet, and it's likely to be too expensive for me in HB anyway.

  LeGuin is my goddess. I just got her new one "Changing Planes" in the mail from Amazon yesterday.

  I'm really looking forward to that (though again I might have to wait until it comes out in PB if I can't find it at a reduced price). Did you enjoy her two new Earthsea books, Widdy? ("Tales from Earthsea" and "The Other Wind".) I did, very much. 

  I would like to add Philip Pullman and Steven Brust to my list of authors (since, in a moment of madness, I neglected to remember how much I love Lyra Belaqua and Vlad Taltos!).

  Philip Pullman is another author I really like. I haven't read any Brust at all yet, though I'm being convinced I should by the number of people on this list who like him!



      Widdy wrote:

      Other authors/books: Ursula LeGuin, Tad Williams, Ian McEwan, Caleb Carr (in the very dark middle of "Angel of Darkness" now), David Sedaris, Jim Grimsley (new discovery), Connie Willis, Neil Gaiman, Guy Gavriel Kay,

      I'm so happy to see another Guy Gavriel Kay fan! Do you get the "Warp and Weft" newsletter? There are lots of interesting articles and discussions on the "Bright Weavings" site. Ursual le Guin is another favourite of mine.

      I have Jim Grimsley's _Kirith Kirin_ but haven't read it yet.  


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