Super Summer Annual Intros!

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I said:
>Favourite DWJ: Deep Secret, at the moment. Also Howl, Dark Lord of
>and then there's a tie between the tough guide, year of the griffin, and
>homeward bounders. I'm still in the process of reading them all!

I forgot to mention Fire and Hemlock!

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Name: Aimee Smith

Living in: Brisbane, at residential college for my second year of uni at the
Uni of Queensland, next door to Kathleen.

Home: Hervey Bay. A touristy/retirement town 4hrs north of Brisbane, on the
coast. My family lives there but I never have, it's home base though.

Age: 19!

What I do when not playing here: procrastinate, go to uni to do a Bachelor
Arts/Bachelor Education in English and History. Read. Draw. Watch telly.
Sounds like I have a very scintillating life, doesn't it?

Married/partnered/?: nup.

Offspring (human variety): no.

Offspring (four-legged):  I have a black cat Ebony, Bonnie for short, who I
am missing and who lives at Hervey Bay with Tiger the Persian ex-male
carpet-coloured doormat who is also known as Bus Stop (his face is flat).

First DWJ/when:  The Homeward Bounders, last year, read to me by Kathleen
all in one hit cause we didn't want to stop! We finished around 3am or
something, it was goood.

Least favourite DWJ: Haven't made a concerted effort to get in to Eight Days
of Luke or Tale of Time City beyond some passing-glances-when-busy, but I
will get there eventually. A little cautious about Time of the Ghost, will
probably read it in daylight and then go and watch something light, by the
sounds of it.

Other authors/books: Tolkien, C S Lewis, Pratchett, Feist and whoever it
was's Daughter of the Empire trilogy, Tad Williams, (and I must admit: The
Wheel of Time, my first fantasy love, who still commands Old Loyalties even
if he's frustrating), Isobelle Carmody,  L M Montgomery's Emily of New Moon,
Tanith Lee's the black unicorn (haven't read others by her), northern lights
(ditto), The Princess and the Goblin by George Macdonald (again, only one),
Ruth Manley's The Plum Rain Scroll, Lloyd Alexander, Jane Eyre, oh dear what

Music: Movie soundtracks, especially the elvish bits on the LOTR ones, Sons
of Korah, The Lads, Sting, a lot of classical bar Mozart, Gregorian chants.
Bits from here and there. Flanders and Swann.

Currently reading: Just finished Between Silk and Cyanide by Leo Marks and
Pratchett's The Amazing Maurice and his educated rodents, good reading,

Books waiting for: HP5. Actually, waiting to find out whether to rush to
spend $45 on it. Or wondering whether to let my family or my littlest sister
get it. Or letting Kathleen get it and bags second read, depending on who
gets it first...

Favourite Movie: Lord of the Rings 1, 2 and 3, Matrix, Star Wars, Harry
Potter whatever-number-we're-up-to (I think)... Definitely Labyrinth and
Princess Bride.

Quirky and useless fact: I cut my hair for the first time last year in
september. Like first time ever, and now it's around my shoulders instead of
my ankles, so it's a nice change.

So yeah that's me.
live long and grow noodles,

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