Super Summer Annual Intros!

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Fri Jun 20 10:07:41 EDT 2003

Name: Heike

Living in: York (Britain) during term time, Düsseldorf (Germany) in the

Age: 22 next month
What I do when not playing here: I am at York University, studying Maths
and Linguistics. At the moment I am trying to apply for a PhD in
Computational Linguistics somewhere.

Married/partnered: Yes

Offspring (human or four-legged variety): None

First DWJ/when: Charmed Life, when I was 6 and trying to read everything
there was in the public library 

Favourite DWJ: Howl's Moving Castle, Deep Secret, the Dalemark books,
Dark Lord, Charmed Life, Lives of Christopher Chant and others! I
haven't read Fire and Hemlock yet, but it seems to be the favourite of a
lot of you, so maybe I should...

Least favourite DWJ: Maybe A Tale Of Time City or Time Of The Ghost

Currently reading: The Amber Spyglass by Philip Pullman

Books waiting for: The Well Of Lost Plots by Jasper Fforde

Music: Lots of different stuff, depends on my mood

Favourite film: I don't really have a favourite film. I could never
watch a movie again and again, the way I re-read books I like.

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