Super Summer Annual Intros!

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Fri Jun 20 09:37:40 EDT 2003

I love Kay. Especially "The Lions of Al-Rassan" and "The Finoavar 
Tapestry". I spend a couple of hours at "Bright Weavings" every 
couple months or so when I get the urge for more things Kay.

Can't wait for his next one, whatever that may be. I still haven't 
been able to track down a copy of his new book of poetry. I haven't 
tried ("Candian" bookseller) yet, but I'll be reduced to 
that soon.

LeGuin is my goddess. I just got her new one "Changing Planes" in the 
mail from Amazon yesterday.

I would like to add Philip Pullman and Steven Brust to my list of 
authors (since, in a moment of madness, I neglected to remember how 
much I love Lyra Belaqua and Vlad Taltos!).


>Widdy wrote:
>Other authors/books: Ursula LeGuin, Tad Williams, Ian McEwan, Caleb 
>Carr (in the very dark middle of "Angel of Darkness" now), David 
>Sedaris, Jim Grimsley (new discovery), Connie Willis, Neil Gaiman, 
>Guy Gavriel Kay,
>I'm so happy to see another Guy Gavriel Kay fan! Do you get the 
>"Warp and Weft" newsletter? There are lots of interesting articles 
>and discussions on the "Bright Weavings" site. Ursual le Guin is 
>another favourite of mine.
>I have Jim Grimsley's _Kirith Kirin_ but haven't read it yet.  

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