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Fri Jun 20 06:23:27 EDT 2003

Name: Jennifer

Living in: London

Age: 27
 What I do when not playing here: I'm a librarian at work and a reader in my
spare time. (Books, Usenet, Web pages, anything. More, more, I'm still not
satisfied! <ahem. Sorry. See "Favourite music".>) Sing in the College choir.
Theoretically like gentle hiking but don't often do it. Go to very
occasional Unitarian events.

 Married/partnered: Yes.
 Offspring (human or four-legged variety): None. I've acquired some cute
nieces recently. 
 First DWJ/when: Charmed Life, sometime before secondary school. 
 Favourite DWJ: Howl, Hexwood, Deep Secret, Spellcoats...
 Least favourite DWJ: Um. For a long time it was Homeward Bounders, the
ending was just too bleak. Now I think Dark Lord and YOTG.
 Other authors/books (in no particular order): Lois McMaster Bujold, Jane
Austen, Terry Pratchett, Garth Nix, Dorothy Sayers, Richard Dawkins, Robin
McKinley, Dave Barry, Margaret Mahy (Changeover's reprinting is coming out
on the 7th of July), P. G. Wodehouse, Ex Libris by Anne Fadiman, Charlotte
Macleod. Old cookbooks.

 Currently reading: Swallowdale by Arthur Ransome, The Origin of Satan by
Elaine Pagels, a mystery by Jill McGowan. Nearly finished them, I need to go
to the library tomorrow. (I've got half a dozen lovely new books piled up
until I go on holiday, including an Amelia Peabody mystery, a Martha Wells
and Witold Rybzynski on architecture. Yum.)
 Books waiting for: The sequel to Curse of Chalion, A Scholar of Magic by
Caroline Stevermer, and the paperbacks of The Wizard Hunters by Martha Wells
and Abhorsen by Garth Nix. (I will read HP5 at some point, but am not
impatient for it.)
 Music: Tom Lehrer, Flanders and Swann, soul, the Beatles, bands with clever
funny lyrics like The Beautiful South and They Might Be Giants, Gilbert and
Sullivan, Catatonia, Bach, Handel, Mozart's operas.
 Favourite tapes/CDs that aren't music: the Goons, the Reduced Shakespeare
Company, I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue

 Favourite film: Not sure I have one. Lord of the Rings has been my
favourite recently. Bringing Up Baby, perhaps.
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