Super Summer Annual Intros!

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Fri Jun 20 05:55:49 EDT 2003

Re: Super Summer Annual Intros!
  Widdy wrote:

  Other authors/books: Ursula LeGuin, Tad Williams, Ian McEwan, Caleb Carr (in the very dark middle of "Angel of Darkness" now), David Sedaris, Jim Grimsley (new discovery), Connie Willis, Neil Gaiman, Guy Gavriel Kay, 

  I'm so happy to see another Guy Gavriel Kay fan! Do you get the "Warp and Weft" newsletter? There are lots of interesting articles and discussions on the "Bright Weavings" site. Ursual le Guin is another favourite of mine.

  I have Jim Grimsley's _Kirith Kirin_ but haven't read it yet.  

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