Super Summer Annual Intros!

Kyra Jucovy klj at
Fri Jun 20 02:07:26 EDT 2003

Well, I traditionally delurk for these.  Wouldn't want the list to forget
that I exist!  That would be sad :(.

Name: Kyra Jucovy

Living in: Great Neck, Long Island, New York (otherwise known as West Egg)

Home: Here.  Right here.  In fact, I'm typing this while sitting in my
comfy chair in my room.

Age: 21

What I do when not playing here: Do I ever actually play here anymore?
Sigh.  One day, I will delurk for real.  And people will watch in awe and
bow before - no, wait.  I'm not supposed to reveal that part of the plan.
Anyway, I just graduated college, and I am now involved in the intensely
depressing process of Looking For a Job.

Married/partnered/?: Nope.

Offspring (human variety): Ye gods no (one day, I'll be, like, 31 or
something, and I'll have to stop answering with the "ye gods" part.)

Offspring (four-legged): I think of them more like siblings than children.
Smarty Cats (better known as Smarty) is our orange-and-white cat, and
Napoleon (better known as Nappy) is our beagle.

First DWJ/when: _Dogsbody_, when I was eight.

Favourite DWJ: _Fire and Hemlock_, _Archer's Goon_ (maybe if I put it like
that, it won't feel as much like I'm betraying AG?)

Least favourite DWJ: Most of the shorter stuff, whether that be _Yes,
Dear_ or various short stories and novellas.  With some very strong
exceptions, though - I just read "The Girl Who Loved the Sun" at a
storyreading recently.  That was fun.

Other authors/books: Dave Duncan, Thomas Mann, _The Great Gatsby_, Philip
K. Dick, _Absalom, Absalom_, Yuki Kaori, Saki Hiwatari (the last two are
manga-ka, and I have only read their work in French, which I only vaguely
read.  And yet, somehow, they still make it on the list.  That should say

Music: Pulp(!!!!!!), Yoko Kanno and the Seatbelts(!!!!!), Yasunori
Mitsuda, anything from the British Invasion (whether that be the Beatles
and Stones or whoever it was who did "My Friend Jack."  And if you have
ever heard of "My Friend Jack," I will be shocked.), David Bowie,
"This Charming Man," "Once in a Lifetime," "Something for the Weekend."

Currently reading: Homer, _The Oddyssey_ (high); Michelle West, _The
Broken Crown_ (low).

Books waiting for: All of them that I haven't gotten around to yet ;-).
Honestly, there's no quick way to answer this question.

Favourite Movie: _Cure_.  It's Japanese.  A large number of my favorite
things that aren't British are.  _Jesus Christ, Vampire Hunter_ is also a
deeply entertaining movie.  Not that I'm implying it's any good, mind!

Quirky and useless fact: I keep a dream journal.  Among my dreams this
morning was one featuring a globe and a marionette.  The globe was insane
and told the marionette to kill me, so I had to run away from it.  The
globe also shouted, "Calvinist want SMASH!"  In another dream I had this
morning, I was an anorexic nine-year-old.  While I have a lot of dreams
about DWJ since staritng the journal, I have had only one about the DWJ
mailing list.  We were having a convention in it.

Hoping to be able to write at more length at some point,


"As long as I gaze on Waterloo sunset, I am in paradise."
			---Ray Davies (the Kinks), "Waterloo Sunset"

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