Super Summer Annual Intros!

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Mon Jun 9 15:38:31 EDT 2003

Name: Kathleen Jennings

Living in: Brisbane, capital of Queensland. Holiday home: Kensington Grove,
between Brisbane and Toowoomba. Until last year, used to be Jackson (very,
very small locality) between Miles and Roma. Currently I'm in my sixth year
in a residential college, 3rd year as an RA, very nice college but I think I
should probably move out soon.

Age: 23

What I do when not playing here:   Undergrad law student at the University
of Queensland. Used to be undergrad Arts student and Arts honours student,
but those days are behind me. I have three semesters left before I graduate,
but I'm hoping to take next year off and travel, hopefully work-and-travel
in the UK, so I'll be emailing the list to ask for DWJ sites-of-interest
that I may have forgotten!

Married/partnered/?: nope.

Offspring (human variety): no.

Offspring (four-legged):  far, far away from here, in a shed on the back of
a large cattle property, a black cat who used to be mine is happily hunting
for mice. But I'll never see him again.

First DWJ/when:  Magicians of Caprona and Dogsbody, years ago.

Favourite DWJ: Deep Secret, at the moment.

Least favourite DWJ: Merlin at the moment, need to reread it. And Time of
the Ghost. It's a great book, I just enjoy it more when I'm not reading it
(I think it was the corner of the paper resting in the butter and the milk
dripping onto the floor).

Other authors/books: C.S. Lewis (fiction, criticism and theology), Lloyd
Alexander, JRR Tolkien and Leo Marks (Between Silk and Cyanide). Together
with DWJ, those are my favourites. Then pretty much everything else: E.
Nesbit, Laura Ingalls Wilder, M.M. Kayes' The Ordinary Princess, T.H. White,
L.M. Montgomery's The Story Girl, (?)'s Pax Brittanica, Felix Salten, Dodie
Smith, Michael Ende, "S. Morgenstern", Henry Lawson, Alan Garner, NOT Gary
Crewe (only author to give me nightmares), Susan Cooper, Conan Doyle
(particularly Sir Nigel)...

Music: Flanders & Swann, Makem & Clancy (we just acquired the means to
record all our old records onto CD), Mark Knopfler, Pur, Vangelis...

Currently reading: Just finished Asian Legal Systems. Aimee gave me Patricia
McKillip's The Riddle Master's Game for my birthday, but I have to wait
until after exams.

Books waiting for: HP5. Actually, waiting to find out whether to rush to
spend $45 on it. And The Never-Ending Story in German. More DWJs.

Favourite Movie: Zulu. Then all those movies you can't really classify as
favourites anymore than saying air is your favourite thing to breathe (ie.
Princess Bride and Labyrinth). And the movies I'm trying to get everyone in
college to watch, like What's Up Doc (with Ryan O'Neale) and The Odd Couple
and the Dream Team (I'm on a comedy bent at the moment). And Wives and
Daughters, Hornblower, Reach for the Sky, the Tuskegee Airmen, Sabrina...
I'm sure I'll think of more.


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