Super Summer Annual Intros!

Jon Noble jon_p_noble at
Thu Jun 19 21:48:03 EDT 2003

> Name: Jon Noble

> Living in: Kilaben Bay - a place so small it hardly
appears on the local street directory, Toronto (NSW,
Australia) can even be found on some maps however and
thats just about the same thing (and where I work).
Its about 100km north of Sydney and about 50km south
of Newcastle. The bay is on a coastal lake rather than
the ocean (and as we can't see it from where we live
our house is worth about half a million dollars less
than those just down the road (who can see the lake
and the ocean)

> Age: 50 - as of yesterday

> What I do when not playing here:   Teacher-librarian
in the locakl high school (in Australia school
librarians are teachers as well as librarians)

> Married/partnered/?:  married for 24 years, to a DWJ
reader and artist.

> Offspring (human variety): one 24 year old daughter
(Kate) who has semi left home (she hasn't left enough
for us to be able to let her bedroom) and a 21 year
old daughter (Sarah) who left home a couple of years
ago for university but found it too much and is now
back home and is about to start a traineeship in
horticulture instead. Both are also DWJ readers.

> Offspring (four-legged):  a very old german
shepherd/border collie cross, a rather younger
miniature fox terrier (miniature ha!) two black cats,
several birds and fish, plus numerous possums (of
three species - brush tailed, ring tailed and sugar
glider) - who constantly bail us up for food.

> First DWJ/when:  Spellcoats, about 20 years ago
after it was recomended at a training course. Several
years later I then read Archer's Goon quickly followed
by Power of Three which made DWJ a must read author.

> Favourite DWJ: Deep secret, followed by Archers Goon

> Least favourite DWJ: 8 days of Luke, but probably
becasue I've only read this one recently and am used
to her later books.

> Other authors/books: Tolkien, Jack Vance, Bob
Silverberg, Connie Willis, Jasper Fforde, Terry
Pratchett, Lindsay Davis, Tim Powers (and I'll stop
there or I'll go on for pages)

> Music: 60's rock (showing my age), late 19th and
early 20th century romantic (ahh, Mahler) plus most
other things, don't like country or western, although
I did enjoy a Willie Nelson concert I had a free
ticket to.

> Currently (re)reading: Michael Jecks; The traitor of
St Giles (medieval mystery novel), top of the To Read
next pile, Sean Williams "Sky warden and the sun"
although the new Hp will be there soon too.

>Books waiting for (as no one else seems to have added
a question yet) the next DWJ (of course), the fouth
book in Tom Harlan's Oath of Empire series (" the dark
lord", this one's out - just haven't picked it up yet)
the new one in George RR Martin's series (" feast for
crows" also out but apparently only in hard cover).

There I'll leave it at that for now although a
discussion of movies gets underway I'll join that one
- I'll just endorse the Wicker man as a great film (I
shudder at the thought of the projected remake) and
Peter Greenaway as a great filmaker (and Nyman as a
great composer for that matter)


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