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Thu Jun 19 19:57:14 EDT 2003

Name: Robyn Starkey

Living in: Calgary Canada, for almost two years now. Before that, I lived 
in Melbourne, Australia for over 25 years.

Age: 37

What I do when not playing here: I teach a variety of literature and 
composition courses at a Mt Royal College, which is in an odd, 
transitional, almost-a-university phase. My specialty is Chaucer; in the 
fall I am teaching sylistics to PR students, a Beowulf to Milton survey 
course and Introductory Composition.

Married/partnered/?:  Married 11 years, but only had 2 anniversaries. Can 
you work out why?

Offspring (human variety): One female child, Xanthe, age 3.

Offspring (four-legged): 2 Russian Blue cats who don't live with us. I 
don't want to talk about it.

First DWJ/when:  I can't answer this one. I honestly can't remember.

Favourite DWJ: Spellcoats. I'm loyal, too.

Least favourite DWJ: 8 Days of Luke, but I read it a long time ago, so I am 
not entirely sure why. I think it had to do with the fact that I was 
reading Old Norse at the time. Time for a reread, maybe.

Other authors/books (in no particular order, and bound to have forgotten 
plenty): Lois McMaster Bujold, Steven Brust (thanks, list), Stevermer and 
Wrede (both separately and together), Garth Nix, Terry Pratchett, Umberto 
Eco, Posession by AS Byatt, but not her other stuff particularly, Chaucer 
and lots of medieval romance, Jonathan Safran Foer, Douglas Coupland

Music: My husband is a musician/composer, so I listen to a lot of music, 
but I don't have opinions (he has similarly few opinons about medieval 
literature). Favourite new discovery in music: Sigur Ros

Currently reading: Just finished teaching my Spring course, so I have 
started rereading a bunch of trashy fantasy in celebration of summer 
vacation - First up, Mercedes Lackey. Also hanging out for Harry Potter.
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