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Thu Jun 19 16:32:44 EDT 2003

Name: Kylie Ding.  Having the surname of Ding has been interesting at times....

Living in: Richmond, Virginia, USA.  But only until September when I return

Home: Perth, WA, Australia.

Age: 32

What I do when not playing here :   Computer programming by profession.  Hobbies include Lindy Hop dancing, keeping ferrets and going to science fiction conventions.  Cycling, swimming and rowing for fitness.  Watching Buffy, Angel, Scrubs and Coupling, and some TV shows I am too embarrassed to mention here (okay so I like reality TV :).  Socialising with my friends, which is a little hard at the moment as most of them are a continent away at least.  Reading, of course!!

Married/partnered/?:  Divorced.

Offspring (human variety): None.

Offspring (four-legged): Spike (cat), Barnum (ferret), Pepper (ferret), Fudge (ferret)

First DWJ/when:  Dogsbody.  When I was around 9 in 1980.  Kept going past it on the school libary shelf because I didn't like the cover.  But I read it eventually as it wasn't a large school library.

Favourite DWJ (Why am I doing this to myself?!): Fire and Hemlock, 
Deep Secret, Charmed Life.

Least favourite DWJ (Why not?  We've had interesting discussions 
about the ones we don't like too.)  Sudden Wild Magic, Changeover, A Tale of Time City, Black Maria.

Other authors/books (in no particular order, and bound to have 
forgotten plenty): Steven Brust, Laurell K Hamilton, Julian May, Noel Streathfeild, Garth Nix, Larry Niven, John Varley, Terry Pratchett, Robert Westall, Jean Estoril, Robert Heinlein

Music: Mostly 80s pop and folk rock, getting to know swing music; Meatloaf, Joe Jackson, Weddings Parties Anything, Harry Deluxe, The Fremantle Jazz Orchestra.

Currently reading: Enchantress from the Stars by Sylvia Engdahl.  Bought secondhand from the Elliot Bay Bookshop in Seattle.

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