Super Summer Annual Intros!

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Thu Jun 19 15:21:06 EDT 2003

Name: Ian (also known as widdy to my e-mail lists, and Gumper to my family)

Living in: Madison, WI, USA (originally from Kingston, ON, Canada - I 
have dual citizenship and often comment that while I am a US citizen 
and do my citizenly duties--pay taxes, vote, get involved in my 
community--I am a Canadian at heart)

Age: 34 (for 2 more months)

What I do when not playing here : I work with facutly members to 
design distance education courses, I conduct Perfect Harmony, the 
local gay men's chorus, and am Choir Director (soon Music Director) 
at a smallish Unitarian Universalist congregation named after James 
Reeb, who was a UU minister who was killed in Selma, Alabama, during 
the 60s.

Married/partnered/?:  Very, living with my partner of 13 years, Mark.

Offspring (human variety): No. But I have a very cute 6-month-old 
nephew, Hunter, and a gorgeous and intelligent 2-year-old 
goddaughter, Emma.

Offspring (four-legged): No

First DWJ/when:  "Dogsbody", pulled off the shelf in the library 
during my first year of teacher training.

Favourite DWJ (Why am I doing this to myself?!): "Witch Week" or 
"Archer's Goon"

Least favourite DWJ (Why not?  We've had interesting discussions 
about the ones we don't like too.): "Magicians of Caprona" (doesn't 
mean I didn't like it, just lowest on the list is all!)

Other authors/books: Ursula LeGuin, Tad Williams, Ian McEwan, Caleb 
Carr (in the very dark middle of "Angel of Darkness" now), David 
Sedaris, Jim Grimsley (new discovery), Connie Willis, Neil Gaiman, 
Guy Gavriel Kay, Timothy Findley, "To Kill a Mockingbird". And I read 
lots of comic books: current faves: "Flash" "Age of Bronze" (about 
the Trojan War) "Finder" "Wonder Woman" Y: The Last Man" and my 
eternal favourite "Legion of Super-Heroes".

Music: Everything from Joni Mitchell to John Tavener to Chicago (the 
musical not the band) to Flanders and Swann. Right now, I'm listening 
to the soundtrack from "A Mighty Wind" (which is a mocumentary about 
folk music by the same folks who brought us "Waiting for Guffman" and 
"Best in Show"). I love choral music and the piano music of Bach.

Currently reading: As I said above, halfway through "The Angel of 
Darkness" by Caleb Carr. LeGuin's new one "Changing Planes" just 
arrived from Amazon, but I don't think I'll start that since there's 
an 800-page tome arriving at the bookstore on Saturday about this 
15-year-old kid with round glasses and a lightning scar that I'll 
probably want to dive into right away. It's a good thing that's 
happening as I will have packed all of my other books by that point 
for our move--so I'll have something to read during the week my books 
are in boxes. I just came back from a holiday where I read "Power of 
Three" and "Archer's Goon" for the first time.


Dissent is the highest form of patriotism. Thomas Jefferson

Ian W. Riddell
iwriddell at
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