Super Summer Annual Intros!

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Thu Jun 19 12:58:09 EDT 2003

hmmm...this is becoming an annual tradition...this is the third summer
that I have been on the liset that we've done intros.  Thrice is
conspiracy *grin*  But maybe not the Merlin's...
enough rambling:

Name: Rebecca

Living in: Right now, Richmond, VA.  Usually, Oberlin, OH.  From
Madison, WI.  (In less than a year in London...why couldn't you guys
have waited 8 puny months to meet DWJ?? ;))

Age: 20

What I do when not playing here :   I'm a Bio/Comp Sci PreMed at Oberlin
College.  Right now I'm doing neurogenomics research.

Married/partnered/?:  Dating my partner of little over a year, which
Sally will argue doesn't count (iirc) nothing formal.

Offspring (human variety): Goodness gracious no!

Offspring (four-legged): Not at school.  My parents have two cats, Socks
and Dr. Watson.

First DWJ/when:  Charmed Life over 12 years ago, from my 2nd grade teacher.

Favourite DWJ (Why am I doing this to myself?!): Deep Secret and Fire
and Hemlock

Least favourite DWJ (Why not?  We've had interesting discussions 
about the ones we don't like too.)  Wild Robert.  And Time of the Ghost
....not because it's bad, but because I get completely freaked out every
time I read it.

Other authors/books (in no particular order, and bound to have 
forgotten plenty): Charles de Lint, Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett, Ursula
le Guin, Pamela Dean, Perilous Gard (I can never remember the author's
name) Patricia Wrede, Elizabeth Haydon...others I'm sure.

Music: Whatever people give me.  Mostly Folkish.  Indigo Girls, Sarah
McLahan, Simon and Garfunkiel, U2, Enya, Billy Joel, Dar Williams and

Currently reading: 20 pages left to the Left Hand of Darkness, le Guin,
and then to Sabriel for the very first time on rec of nearly the whole list!

(on Left Hand, I started a thread a year or two back, now, about
characters who are an ethnic minority without the author making an
obtrusive point about it, a la Mordechai Roberts, and Genly Ai
definately falls into that category)


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