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Thu Jun 19 07:35:01 EDT 2003

Jon wrote:

><< If Romanov and his missus had never met, f'rinstance, or not had a
>relationship and a child, >>
>Er... *two* children actually. Alicia was also Romanov's child.

Yes, sorry.

It's with her mother not having tried to use her for a human sacrifice -- I
forgot that was her child.  If you see what I mean.  (But isn't it a wise
child who knows her own father?  You are assuming fidelity in her mother,
which may not be a justified assumption.  Is it stated anywhere?)

>Just had a horrifying thought.
>What is going to happen when Alicia works herself free of the Underhill that
>she was abducted to? That is a *seriously* loose end that is trailing about in
>the future of this "new" Blest.

I think that's an "if" not a "when", really.  Roddy envies her because
she's going to have such an interesting time; she might even be redeemed by
association with the Little People: she might not even want to leave, what
with having no further cushy court life available, and her mother not being
there to give her patronage, and so forth.  In any case, there isn't all
that much precedent for people getting away from Underhill: it takes real
determination and enormous amounts of good behaviour to escape them,
doesn't it?  So almost by definition, if she does get loose she may not be
able to be the same loathesome person she was, she will have had to change
a lot in the process.

DWJ does write irredeemably frightful people, but generally if they are she
makes sure they are dealt with, so perhaps Alicia not being taken by Gwyn
for his wild riders means that she isn't beyond hope as a person, in the
way her mother is.  So *if* she gets free of the Underhill, she may be ok
by the time she does it.  After all, she's her father's daughter as well as
her mother's, and Romanov is one of the Good Guys in White Hats, even if he
is another slitherer-outer like Howl and Nick and Grundo.  That side of her
heredity may come to Alicia's rescue in some right way.


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