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Thu Jun 19 04:41:55 EDT 2003


>  I recognise many of the names from my last stint on the list 
>several years ago, but wonder whether, as others don't appear to 
>know everyone either, we could maybe have a brief round of 
>introductions? Someone else suggested this fairly recently, but as 
>far as I know it didn't happen. If it did then I apologise and plead 
>a dodgy computer which failed to work for about a week....

If it did, then I apologise also and plead a dodgy brain. :)  It's a 
good idea, I think.  Here goes.

Name: Hallie  (Oh yes, I'm female.  Not everyone needs to specify, 
but people have been confused by my name in the past!)

Living in: Dublin.

Age: 44  (not for long now)

What I do when not playing here :   "Mature'' student - sometimes the 
mature seems a bit dubious.  Doing a degree in English Lit. through 
the Open University - all the list's fault (with a bit of blame going 
to DWJ, of course).

Married/partnered/?:  No.

Offspring (human variety): 2.  Becca - aged 16, sometimes list member 
in her own right, and Cara - aged 13.

Offspring (four-legged): 1 neurotic mutt, named Belvane, answers to 
Bell (also to 'treat', 'breakfast', 'look'  etc.).

First DWJ/when:  Lives of Christopher Chant.  Found it in the 
library, about 6 or 7 years ago.

Favourite DWJ (Why am I doing this to myself?!): Fire and Hemlock, 
Deep Secret, Howl.

Least favourite DWJ (Why not?  We've had interesting discussions 
about the ones we don't like too.)  Sudden Wild Magic - though it 
might change if I ever get around to a reread, and Power of Three - 

Other authors/books (in no particular order, and bound to have 
forgotten plenty): Lois McMaster Bujold, Martha Wells, Emma Bull, 
Connie Willis, Jane Austen, Megan Turner Whelan, Middlemarch and The 
Perilous Gard.

Music: Mostly trad/folk; Altan, Pentangle, Deanta, The Tannahill 
Weavers, also Sarah McLachlan, U2 and miscellaneous.

Currently reading: The Family Tree, Sheri Tepper.  (Thanks to Anna!)

Did I forget anything vital?  We usually collect questions as we go 
along, so people will hopefully add more.


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