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Tue Jun 17 09:56:24 EDT 2003

On Tue, 17 Jun 2003, Roger Burton West wrote:
|Speaking as an occasional reviewer (of technical books, which are rather
|easier) and frequent user of reviews, I find I don't really care whether
|the reviewer liked the book or not (though the reviews of a book that
|the reviewer hated are often more fun to read); what matters is that the
|_reasons_ for the like or dislike are clearly stated. A reviewer whose
|taste is consistently opposed to mine is more useful than one who
|usually but not always agrees with me.

Indeed.  That's why always loved the Self-Made Critic from the Brunching
Shuttlecocks.  Whether he liked our heated a movie in his satiric
reviews, I could always tell whether or not I would like or hate the
movie.  To bad he isn't still around; I wonder what he would say about
Howl's what it comes out.

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