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> and that's how things are in Real Life (OMT).  Has any of the books got
> "closure", or are we invited to regard them as slices out of a much longer
> story DWJ happens not to go on telling?  I don't feel that I *want*
> "closure on an emotional level", really.  Well, I never want things
> expressed in litcrit jargonisation (closure, huh?) but if that means what I
> think it must be intended to mean then I don't think I want it.

I'd say that most of them have closure to some extent. Fire and Hemlock
and Time of the Ghost are the worst about not having closure, but the one
that naggies me the most has to be the Crown of Dalemark. But that still
has closure, it just leaves loose ends that trail off into the future.

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