Merlin Conspiracy Review

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Mon Jun 16 08:23:02 EDT 2003

Minnow wrote:
>  The immediate problems in each book get dealt with by the 
> end, more or less, major wrongness gets sorted out and 
> squashed, but the individuals are going to move on from that
> point, not just sit there being "happy" and turning into 
> little cabbages, and that's how things are in Real Life (OMT).  
> Has any of the books got "closure", or are we invited to 
> regard them as slices out of a much longer story DWJ happens 
> not to go on telling?  

I think some of them have emotionally tidier ends than others. Life goes on
after all of them, but the ones with romances (Howl and Castle in the Air
are the first ones that sprang to mind) do end with the lovers getting
together, which makes the story wind up in a way that feels different to me-
maybe it's a sort of "closure" for the protagonists in a different way than
protagonists who change but don't fall in love? (And it sorts out the future
of two characters in one go, very tidy :)
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