DWJ and cars (was RE: DWJ to Australia)

minnow at belfry.org.uk minnow at belfry.org.uk
Mon Jun 16 07:27:42 EDT 2003

Aimee wrote:

>One wonders if she has a car? She's the first person I know who gives cars
>Personality, and in each book! Hers must be a legend... in a scary sort of

Of course her cars have Personality!  Don't everyone's?  (My present one is
a well-meaning nitwit.  Well, no, he tries to be sensible, he just isn't
very good at it.)

I've heard her talking about a green car she once had, which took two and a
half days to struggle back the 200 miles from York to Bristol when her son
was at York University and they gave him a lift up there with his
possessions.  She blamed its delinquency on its colour, though, rather than
on its being a means of transport.

Perhaps their family car is technically her husband's, and they get round
the jinx that way.  Except that he was driving on the occasion of the major
accident more than twenty years ago that left DWJ with undiagnosed broken
vertebrae, which finally came apart on the Australian trip and led to the
terrifying surgery...  Maybe that jinx just sees straight through

I wish it wouldn't.


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