DWJ to Australia (was RE: September 6th)

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Sun Jun 15 16:41:01 EDT 2003

Aimee wrote:

>But really! Someone needs to give that jinx a solid talking-to!

Every so often people try to.  But it just sort of shrugs and goes ahead.

My favourite story is the one where DWJ caught a train out of Euston
heading north on the all-electric line.  You know those sort of hoops over
the train, with the wires running along between 'em parallel with the track
below?  Only a train DWJ was on would have caught the edge of a hoop,
dragged it along with the front of the train, and ended up with four of
them draped over the engine.  Still live, mind, sparking and flashing and
generally having electric fun.  The train stopped, of course, and then the
hoops fell over gracefully beside the track, still live so no-one could
leave the train until they turned off the whole of that section of the
network.  Which they did, and everyone had to get out and walk along to the
station next up the line (I think it was Harringey West) and be collected
with buses, whilst every other train in the area just sat there with no

Now that's what I *call* a jinx!

The only reason I feel safe suggesting the meeting at all is that if we
play it right DWJ herself won't have to travel to get to it....  The jinx
only seems to strike when she's travelling herself, as a rule.


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