DWJ to Australia (was RE: September 6th)

Aimee Smith s4028253 at student.uq.edu.au
Sun Jun 15 08:50:49 EDT 2003

>she ended up having about 20 hours of surgery in two
operations to put her back together again...

Dare I say 'crikey'!? ...No, I shall cringe and run away from the visions of
Steve Irwin...
But really! Someone needs to give that jinx a solid talking-to!

>...Was I saying something in another thread somewhere about feeling that
>a great drawback in this society, not having instantaneous

Yes! One definately to beam up!
What CAN we do about this glaring lack of technology?
(da da-da daaa!!! A challenge is henceforth issued for the most creative
Aimee the terminal procrastinator.

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