September Sixth

Charles Butler hannibal at
Sun Jun 15 04:47:01 EDT 2003

> Once this all happens, could we get photos up on a site somewhere or on
> email?
> ESPECIALLY one of you all doing the witchy dance...
> Something for your grandchildren to tell you.

Well, I'll be taking my trusty digital camera, and I'll make sure the
pictures are available on the net somewhere (probably in my own budding
website - - which I hope will be
in a fitter state by then). But as for the Witchy Dance I'd be far too
embarrassed! Possibly I may watch from the camera obscura at the top of the
Thornlady path, where all the goings-on on the Suspension Bridge are thrown
in colourful relief onto a disc 2 yards in diameter and you can make the
images of people crawl over your hand like so many ants... Might make a good
photo in itself!


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