Pub-meet (becoming definite)

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Sat Jun 14 08:08:25 EDT 2003

>>Personally I would find a daytime meet easier, especially if it
>> ends up being in the week as that would mean one day off work rather
>> than two; what do others think?

>I agree about the daytime - especially considering people who have to
>travel. (I'm currently okay for any daytime slot.)

Looks like being afternoon/evening of September 6th, anyhow.  DWJ expresses
herself as happy to sit in a pub for the afternoon (possibly from lunchtime
onwards, in fact) being bought the occasional drink and talking with
people, on a not-too-formal basis, on that day -- and since she's the point
of the meeting, I feel that her convenience is the main thing!  Depending
on how people feel when evening meal-time rolls around, either we eat or we
don't; and we'll try to find a pub that does reaonable food on Saturday
evenings, so there's no need to move to somewhere else.

I'm about to wander over to a pub just down the road from DWJ's house and
sound them out about food, in fact.  We've had meals there before, and it
was not at all bad...  And with it being local-for-her, her husband could
wander down for a bit as well, which would be pleasant for both of them,
and then wander away again without feeling that he's being rude and making
a great fuss.  So crossed fingers that they plan to be open for that day...
(The Adam and Eve, Charlie.  Their loudspeakers can be turned off
individually so that one doesn't have to listen to the muzak in one part of
the pub.)

Gili stomped on my dubiety about her planning to fly over:

>I was entirely serious. Israel to Britain is only about 3 hours and one can
>usually get cheap rates. Plus I have a place to stay with my aunt in London,
>more or less anytime I like. However, I will need to be able to get back to
>London for the night, or alternatively, accomodations in Bristol.

My only worry about people flying over specially is that it would be so
awful if DWJ *were* knocked out by Edinburgh.  Her intention is to refuse
to be made ill by all the flying in August, but one can never be sure about
these things.

How late can one cancel a flight and still get one's money back?

As for what to do about the night: trains from Bristol to London go on
happening until quite late, about 10.30, but that one doesn't get in till
midnight.  Or I can find B&Bs in the area if I'm given a couple of weeks'
notice (or better, a month, at that time of year).

We do seem to have enough interest in this for it to happen, so long as
DWJ's health permits.  I shall stop saying 'provisional'.  DWJ says that it
gives her something to look forward to when she is feeling flat after the
excitement in Edinburgh!



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