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Thu Jun 12 17:32:42 EDT 2003

Elizabeth wrote:

>Jon answered...
>> New Zealand has all the geography of the US crammed
>> into a country the size of Britain and the population
>> of a largish country town :), I can't speak for
>> Canada, but I'm told it has Winter. (I believe it does
>> have a summer but if it doesn't fall on a weekend you
>> often miss it. :)
>LOL! And here we were thinking we've entered the big-time in NZ because we
>now have 4 million people. There was a lot of DaDA! -ing on the TV a couple
>of months ago when that milestone was reached. Are there some largish
>country towns with that population in the US?

Dunno about the US, but a biggish city in UK (Bristol) claims
three-quarters of a million if we include Bath and Weston-super-Mare in the

>Ob DWJ - how many people do you suppose live in Time City?

(A good excuse to re-read it, hurrah!)

Half the population of Time City run away into History in a panic when the
place starts to fall apart; the other half, plus five hundred refugee
children who have been stranded there, and a few tourists ditto, seem all
to fit into one building later that day.  And they have gathered in one
square, too, before that, because it seemd to be falling apart least.

Even if not everyone turns up at the end (and I can't think why anyone
would want to stay away, given what's been going on!) it has still been
possible for half the population to run away through the time-locks before
they stopped working.  That sort of evacuation in a panic, even through
locks big enough to take a boat "as high as a house and nearly as long as a
football field", wouldn't possibly be very many thousands, in the time
between the time-booths in the city blowing up and everything going
critical so that people noticed and began to run away, on foot and in
pleasure-boats, and the locks ceasing to function.  The time given for the
running away can't be much over an hour, if that long, and it took a while
to get from the city to the locks,in the earlier chapter -- "the voyage
lasted nearly an hour" when they weren't in a hurry.

I think the answer is in thousands rather than hundreds of thousands. Maybe
tens of thousands, but not many tens.


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