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Wed Jun 11 14:09:06 EDT 2003

On Wed, 11 Jun 2003 jenne at wrote:

> I think it's more that the books target adolescents... and adolescents
> sometimes just don't have the real-world coping skills to figure out how
> to use the real-world resources to help others-- or themselves.

	That's how I've always seen it too. Also the warnings found at the
back of some of her books about how much responsibility is involved in
taking care of a horse or a falcon. Lackey certainly has an
active/directive approach both towards her responsibilities towards her
young readership as well as towards the securing of creature comforts,
which sometimes leads to some marvellous comedy, whether it's intentional
or not I do not know. I do enjoy watching the lengths to which she will go
to get hot baths, etc, installed in her worlds! In the Lackey Worlds there
is no wilderness so remote & dangerous that it can't throw up a spa and a
tasty snack. A woman afer my own heart :-) As Dorothy Parker once wrote,
"such singleness of purpose is met with but infequently"...


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