Pub-meet (provisional)

minnow at minnow at
Wed Jun 11 11:43:14 EDT 2003


>>>Wow.  This is a frightening idea!  Yes!  Yes!
>> (Why is it frightening?  DWJ isn't a Scary Lady, she's a Good Thing.)
>I don't know why.  But meeting Great People scares me.

Somebody I know who felt the same way before meeting her said afterwards
that she is "everyone's favourite (and sexiest) aunt", if that helps...

>Go for it!  And as I stand behind the book stall at our (rather belated) church
>Summer Fair, I shall think of you all having a good time.  Yah! Envy!

<puts on thinking-cap>

I have always said that not having instantaneous matter-transporters was a
serious flaw in the organisation of this planet's affairs.  Where is Scotty
when we need him, to beam you down here?



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