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Wed Jun 11 11:43:22 EDT 2003

Jenne Heise wrote:

>I'm not the original poster, but I've always thought that the entire
>corpus of Mercedes Lackey's work is best viewed as therapeutic fantasy. :)

Some of 'em are pretty overt about it, too.  The 'Serra-ted Edge' ones have
an Epilogue page at the back of at least some, advertising the ChildHelp
National Child Abuse hotline, and pointing out that you don't need elves to
help a child in trouble.  Which I find either admirable or irritating,
depending on my mood, but nearly always I find it admirable.  The
irritation is that fantasy readers should *need to be told* that they ought
not to ignore the miserable child next door and turn their backs and walk
away, they ought to be bothering to find out what is going on.  (Surely
having enough imagination to be a fantasy reader should mean one would
notice a miserable child and wonder why it was so unhappy-looking?)

Makes me feel pro-Lackey.  Even though I have stopped reading/buying her
books as they come out.


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