I graduated, indirectly thanks to DWJ!

Denise DeGraf moggy at sonic.net
Wed Jun 11 01:03:13 EDT 2003

Okay, so I know that it's relatively nothing on this list, but -- I just 
got confirmation that I have officially graduated from U.C. Berkeley's 
English department!  Woohoo!

DWJ aspect of this: I got top marks on my Senior Thesis on using fantasy 
literature as a tool for psychological healing in disadvantaged/disabled 
individuals, and used DWJ's works as examples.  If I hadn't read "Witch 
Week" as a kid, I might not have realized that being different, even if you 
are mistreated as a result, isn't necessarily a mark of inferiority and 
lacked the self-esteem to even *try* going to Berkeley given all of my 
disabilities.  (Most of my internal organs are severely 
defective/malformed, plus I'm autistic.  I've always adored DWJ because she 
is one of the few authors that writes exactly like an autistic such as 
myself thinks.)

I wish I were there in the UK to meet her with all of you!  I think I shall 
write her a letter (the first I will have ever sent) thanking her for 
making such an incredible contribution to my educational success.  Whoever 
gets to meet her, please relay my sincere thanks!  :^)

Denise DeGraf *~* http://www.sonic.net/mustang/moggy
Born 3/1977 with Autism (hypersensitive hearing/vision, severe social 
delays, high IQ, clumsiness, weak depth perception, abnormal body language, 
literal thought, lack of "common sense") and VATER (tracheal stenosis, 
stomach/kidney reflux, high imperf. anus w/vaginal fistula, triple-branched 
bronchii, asthma, fused vertebrae, neck scoliosis, ruptured polycystic 
ovaries/tubes, sinus/inner ear deformities)  

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