Shrubbery (was Re: DWJ listers at the Worldcon and in the UK)

minnow at minnow at
Tue Jun 10 10:49:10 EDT 2003

Philip quoted me:

>> You'll note that I am volunteering Charlie for this, because I haven't yet
>> attained the sort of Zen mastery I think that jinx needs for dealing with
>> it.
>> <grins, ducks, and runs away and hides in the shrubbery>
>> <puts up periscope just above bush-level to check Charlie's whereabouts>
>A periscope for use in the shrubbery?  Is this for spying on snogging seniors,
>or something?  (Yes, I know, Dan used binoculars.  But a periscope makes more

It's an entirely sensible precaution after volunteering someone else's
services for dealing with DWJ's travel jinx. I want to be as invisible as
possible, in the circumstances, and I also want to be able to see him

<dons camoflage helmet with leaves round the top>



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