DWJ listers at the Worldcon and in the UK

minnow at belfry.org.uk minnow at belfry.org.uk
Tue Jun 10 08:04:48 EDT 2003

Kylie wrote:

>The week after the Worldcon I am heading to the UK - this is in the first
>week in September.  I know there are quite a few people on the list from
>various parts of the UK and if we can arrange it I think it would be
>wonderful to perhaps meet and have dinner somewhere.  And here is a
>greatly daring thought - perhaps we could invite DWJ to attend the dinner
>and speak to us?  Thoughts??

I think 'speak with' rather than 'speak to' would be good, because
'preparing a speech' is work, whereas coming along to a meal and having fun
is, well, not-work.  Or what about a pub?  One of the sort that does have
food but doesn't have music, or is prepared to turn it down so people can
hear each other speak?

It isn't fair to ask her to travel very far, because she has [a] a travel
jinx and [b] a messed-up spine so traveling too far hurts her afterwards
even if not at the time.  Make it in Bristol, or within about fifty miles
of Bristol, and maybe Charlie could chauffeur her....

You'll note that I am volunteering Charlie for this, because I haven't yet
attained the sort of Zen mastery I think that jinx needs for dealing with
<grins, ducks, and runs away and hides in the shrubbery>
<puts up periscope just above bush-level to check Charlie's whereabouts>


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