Vienne and others

Jon Noble jon_p_noble at
Mon Jun 9 17:27:21 EDT 2003

--- minnow at wrote:
> Devra wrote:
> >Hey, no.  I thought that Vienne was Vienna too.  It
> had a foreign feel to it
> >that I didn't think London would have...and they
> seemed to have quite a LOT of
> >country around it, more than England in size,
> somehow. (This is most
> >subjective.  I once travelled by train from one
> side of England to Wales
> >and back, all
> >in one day. To me, that is not all that big. From
> NY to Chicago by train is
> >18 hours...)
> The service from London to Wales is a fast line...
> :-)  (That's why it
> costs more per mile to travel on it than any other
> line in the country, or
> it did last time I looked. Even London->Brighton was
> cheaper per mile.
> Grump.)  Bristol->London is 100 miles and takes
> about ninety minutes;

Gee!!! I never quite realised that Britain was so
small, 160km is the Distance from Sydney to Newcastle,
and I think of Newcastle as being "just outside" or
"almost a part of" Sydney. My daughter found it easier
to commute from home to university in Sydney than to
live in the suburbs and travel in (not having to cook
also had something to do with it - but it only added
about 30 min each way to her travel times). When I
taught in Broken Hill we'd travel that far, and back,
after work for a swim and a beer at Menindee. (and
that trip took less than 90 minutes on those roads)


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